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OuttaCyTE Technologies is an information technology service provider. We are the IT department for companies who need information technology services but cannot afford the dedicated, high-caliber, personnel necessary to utilize modern technology to meet demanding business information needs.

"Businesses have a need for information. Technology is a means of providing that information. The natural tension between cost and technology's promise must be balanced in each business to provide the best capability for the least cost." —Greg Julius, Owner

Organizational Goals:
Provide professional, innovative and cost-conscious information solutions to businesses.

Organizational Method:
Develop close working relationships with our clients. Understand their unique needs and pressures. Examine their current infrastructure and note areas needing urgent attention. Develop a plan to address the client's needs focusing on the urgent elements and those delivering the best payback. Examine internal and external security concerns and offer suggestions. Be the client's IT staff as necessary.

We have four staff members and between them we have over 55 years of experience. The owner has been working with computers since he built his first logic circuits in 1975.

We have experience on the largest (IBM 3090 Mainframes) of computers and with networks reaching around the world. We are experts in the various Microsoft Server platforms including, but not limited to Active Directory, Exchange, and IIS. We understand Networking at fundamental levels and are capable of designing high-performance, multiple office networks.




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